Technical Education at Diploma Level

Model Project Proposal for establishment of new Industrial Training Institutes Districts/Blocks of the State having no Vocational Training facilities.

1. Establishment of new I.T.Is

1.1. Introduction:

The National Vocational Training System (NVTS) comprising of Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS) and Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) under the aegis of National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) aims at providing employable skill training / vocational training to the younger generation with systematic pattern of institutional / on the job training suitable for wage employment / self employment in the manufacturing / service sector. The institutional training under CTS pattern is provided in Industrial Training Institutes and on the job practical training under ATS pattern is provided in Industries/Apprenticeship organisation.

The ITIs have the flexibility to run demand responsive trades as per requirement under State Council for Vocational Training through optimum utilization of available infrastructure and training-cum-production activities to improve skill confidence of the trainees and generate revenue for the institute.

The proposed ITIs / ITCs /Trades/Units shall be established with due recommendation of the State Level Standing Committee constituted by Government of Orissa, Industries Department.

1.2. Introduction of trades

There is no restriction for introduction of any trades/units under the aegis of NCVT, New Delhi, but, the trades selected for introduction must have local demand and industry responsiveness. The proposal may be for the following trades under Craftsman Training Scheme pattern with affiliation of NCVT, New Delhi.

Sl. No. Name of the trades to be introduced Duration of training No. of Units Annual Intake capacity Entry Level Qualification Age Criteria
1 Fitter 2 years 2(1+1) 19 10th.Class Pass 14-40 years
2 Electrician 2 Years 2(1+1) 19 10th.Class Pass 14-40 years
3 Plumber 1 Year 2(1+1) 19 8th. Class Pass 14-40 years
4 Foundryman 1 Year 2(1+1) 19 8th. Class Pass 14-40 years
5 MechanicMotor Vehicle 2 Years 2(1+1) 19 10th.Class Pass 14-40 years
6 Data Entry Operator 6 Months 2(1+1) 40 10th.Class Pass 14-40 years
7 Sanitary Hardware Fitter 6 months 2(1+1) 38 8th Class Pass 14-40 years
8 Driver-cum-Mechanic(LMV) 6 months 2(1+1) 38 8th Class Pass 14-40 years

Introduction of non-NCVT trades should be strictly demand responsive and in consultation with the SCTE&VT, Orissa, Bhubaneswar to facilitate trade testing and Certification. This will facilitate the rural unemployed youths to be equipped with suitable training appropriate for their employment / self employment in the emerging industrial scenario of the State and outside the State. On subsequent stages, the SCVT pattern trades may be brought to the purview of NCVT.

1.2.1.) Admission:
Admission of candidates shall be made strictly based on NCVT affiliation in case of NCVT trades during July/August every year on merit basis.

1.2.2.) Percentage of Reservation:
Industry Houses shall have the obligation to maintain percentage of reservation of seats in accordance to the population of ST and SC in the respective district. Seats shall also be reserved for the Women candidates, Physically Handicapped, Sportsmen and son/ward of Green Card holder & Ex-Servicemen as per principle. There shall be representation of 25% other district candidates and 75% local district candidates in all categories.

1.2.3.) Testing and Certification:
On successful completion of the prescribed duration of training and achieving the required level of skill competency, the trainees shall be skill tested and awarded National Trade Certificate (NTC) by NCVT through SCTE&VT, Orissa, Bhubaneswar.

1.3. Strategies.
1.3.1.) Possession of required Land:
The Collector & District Magistrate, of the respective would be requested to provide at least 1.5 Acres of land in the Block Headquarters with good road connectivity free of encumbrance as per procedure at the shortest time possible.

1.3.2.) Infrastructure Development:
a: Civil Works:
The promoter shall take up civil works including construction of Workshops, Administrative Building, Staff quarters, hostels, three phase power supply etc as per the specifications mentioned in the Training Manual prescribed by DGE&T. The specifications of different workshops and other built-up area as per space norms is as per following particulars:
i)Workshop Area:

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop Specification as per NCVT norms ( in Sqm.) Number of Workshop Approximate Workshop Area ( in Sq.ft.)
1 Fitter 88 01 950
2 Electrician 98 01 1377
3 Plumber 80 01 900
4 Foundryman 128 01 1100
5 Mechanic Motor Vehicle 84 01 910
6 Data Entry Operator 70 01 800
7 Sanitary Hardware Fitter 56 01 600
8 Driver-cum-Mechanic (LMV) 63 01 650
  Total Floor Area 667 08 7177

ii) Administrative Building.
Sl. No. Name of the Built up space. Specification as per NCVT norms (in Sqm.) Numbers required Total Area ( in Sq.ft.)
1 Principal’s Office 20 01 215
2 Stationery/Store room 10 01 108
3 Record Room 10 01 108
4 Library-cum-Reading room 50 01 540
5 Office room 50 01 540
6 Dispensary 15 01 162
7 Class room 30 08 2583
8 Drawing/Demonstration Hall. 60 02 1292
9 Computer Lab. 70 01 754
10 Seminar/Learning Resource Hall 100 01 1076
  Total Floor Area     7270

iii)Hostel and Staff Quarters
Sl.No. Name of the Built up space. Specification as per NCVT norms (in Sqm.) Numbers required Total Area ( in Sq.ft.)
1 Boy’s hostel 70 seated ( 3 boarders per room) 01 14,492 (Double Storied)
2 Girl’s hostel 30 seated (3 boarders per room) 01 6211 (Doubled Storied)
  Total Floor Area     20,703
1 “D” Type Principal’s quarter 900 01 900
2 ‘E’ Type quarter 580 12(intwo Blocks) 6960
iv Compound Wall of the Institute & Staff Quarters - 6,000 rft.  
v Bore Well with Pump 04 nos.  
    Institute 01  
    Boy’s hostel 01  
    Girl’s hostel 01  
    Residential Colony 01  
For the institute, hostel & residential colony premises
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